Born Again – Rihanna

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Born Again – Rihanna
Bài Hát Born Again
Ca Sĩ Rihanna
Sáng Tác Rihanna
Album Born Again (Single)
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Born Again Lyrics

Born Again is a new song by Rihanna. Below are the lyrics of the song Born Again by Rihanna that has compiled and shared for you to follow.

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2. “Born Again” lyrics

Verse 1:
I’d give my heart to this place
I’d give my soul or whatever it takes
Never run away
I’ve got enough angels to storm the gates
I’m not afraid
And behold the brave
Not have it no other away
I miss the emergence and these moments of you
The mere reflection of me
That mirror can’t change its view

So until those rivers run out, it runs through me
Wherever you are, I’ll bе there
We carry on

Verse 2:
I’d givе my heart to this place (I’d give my heart to this place)
I’d give my whole soul and whatever it takes
Never run away
And I’d relive this just to see your face again
I know that you’d do the same

Just tell me what I need to do
I’d die and come back just to love you
Just tell me, I’m begging you
Just tell me what I need to do, oh

Born Again - Rihanna

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